ATOMEXPO 2012 International Forum  •   4–6 June 2012

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6 June

Round table: «Investment Potential of the Nuclear Power Industry: Integrated Approach to Attracting Funding»

"Funding of NPP Construction Projects in post-Fukushima Period: Electricity Generating Company Perspective" (Pdf, 44Kb)
Benoit Lepouze, Senior Project Manager, EDF.


"Financing in the Nuclear Industry: Key Issues" (Pdf, 5,4Mb)
Robert Vartevanyan, Partner, Corporate Consulting Department, KPMG.


Round table: «ROSATOM as a Global Technology Leader»

"International Collaboration in Development of Fast Neutron Reactors of the 4th Generation"  (Pdf, 553Kb)
Christophe Behar, Director of the Nuclear Energy Division at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).


"ITER Project and Its Progress" (Pdf, 4Mb)
ITER Director General Prof.O.Motojima


Round table: «International Cooperation in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle»

"State of The World’s Nuclear Fuel Market after The Accident At Fukushima-I" (Pdf, 1,6Mb)
Anna Bryndza, Vice President, Eurasian Programs, Ux Consulting Company.


"International Activities of the State Corporation Rosatom" (Pdf, 889Kb)
Vladislav Korogodin, Deputy Director of Directorate for Nuclear Power Complex, ROSATOM.


"Guaranteed Access to Uranium Enrichment Services" (Pdf, 1,5Mb)
Gleb Efremov, Commercial Director of IUEC.


"Establishment of Regional Infrastructure Facilities for Package Supply of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Services to Customers" (Pdf, 1,8Mb)
Vasily Konstantinov, Vice-President, TVEL.


"Establishment of Regional Infrastructure Facilities for Package Supply of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Services to Customers" (Pdf, 4,6Mb)
Oleg Fesenko, Director, Plant of Nuclear Fuel Production, Ukraine.


"Fuel Cycle and NPP Power Uprate" (Pdf, 1,8Mb)
József Elter, Head of Nuclear Department, NPP Paks.


"Qualification of a Supplier" (Pdf,543Kb)
Bengt Ljungström, Supply Strategy Manager, Vattenfall Nuclear Fuel AB.


"R&D and Technology Commercialization Centers Establishment" (Pdf,305Kb)
Vladimir Zaytsev, Vice-President, TVEL. The Fuel Company Promotion to Target Markets.


"The Fuel Company Promotion to Target Markets. R&D and Technology Commercialization Centers Establishment" (Pdf,218Kb)
Josef Belac, Director of ALVEL a.s.


"Improving the Reliability and Economic Efficiency of Nuclear Fuel for NPP’s. “Driving to Zero Failure”" (Pdf, 2,3Mb)
Petr Lavrenyuk, First Vice-President, TVEL.


"Key achievementsof TENEX’s activity in the world SWU market" (Pdf,348Kb)
Head of Marketing & Business Strategy Division AndreyTovstenko


Round table: «Nuclear Energy and Public Acceptance: Development of Communication Practices After the Fukushima Accident»

"Survey results of the public opinion about the development of Russian nuclear energy industry" (Pdf,505Kb)
Sergey Novikov, Director of the Communications Department, ROSATOM


"Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power: Addressing Public" (Pdf, 1,3Mb)
Jeremi Gordon, analyst, WNA.


"Post-Fukushima nuclear energy public acceptance strategies in South Korea" (Pdf, 2,5Mb)
Dongwon KIM, Director of International Cooperation Division, Korean Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency in Korea, KONEPA.


Youth Session: «Youth in Science. International Aspects»

"Competitive Advantages of International Collaboration in Scientific Research. MIT Experience" (Pdf,504Kb)
Ronald Ballinger, Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Materials and Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology.