Wi-Fi Zone Sponsor

Exclusive position

Wi-Fi zone will be located in all recreation areas with free access for all Forum participants. The key advantage is the opportunity to place your website as the home page when establishing connection via Wi-Fi, which will provide a great number of direct contacts with the audience.

  • Status of Sponsor of Wi-Fi zone of the ATOMEXPO 2016 Forum;
  • Making the website of Wi-Fi zone Sponsor the home page when establishing connection via Wi-Fi;
  • Full-color advertising module in Official Forum Catalog (1/2 page, 1000 copies);
  • Placing advertising structures (roll-ups) in the Forum’s Wi-Fi zone (structures are provided by the Sponsor subject to agreement with the Organizer and in accordance with technical requirements);
  • Providing Sponsor with 1 delegate badge, granting access to all Forum events;
  • Providing a login and a password for Wi-Fi access at the Sponsor’s booth.

Price: 4,500 EUROS*

*All prices are subject to 18% VAT.