Rosenergoatom to present ‘technical documentation e-shop’ at ATOMEXPO 2019


Rosenergoatom (part of the Electric Power Division of ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation) will present an electronic sales support system for Automated Technical Documentation Control Systems (ATDCS) or the so-called ‘technical documentation e-shop’ at the 11th ATOMEXPO 2019 International Forum, which will be held in Sochi on April 15–16.

This is the first large-scale project of its kind and one of its main goals is to unify the technical documentation management processes at Russian and foreign nuclear power plants. In particular, the ‘e-shop’ is designed to assist countries that are new to the nuclear industry and have decided to develop nuclear power in preparing the base of technical documentation required to implement projects involving the construction of nuclear power plants with Russian-designed reactors. The product is designed to provide foreign customers with the ability to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants during all the stages of the NPP life cycle. In addition, the use of the ‘e-shop’ can significantly reduce the time and cost of a project’s implementation and streamline the process of issuing relevant licenses and permits by the national regulatory body.

At present, more than 1,100 regulatory and technical documents with annotations have been prepared to be uploaded to the system. For the convenience of foreign users, the documents can be purchased in English.

The end customer of the ‘e-shop’ is the International Business and Development Department, while the parties in charge of performing the work are the IT Project Management and Integration Department, the Production Planning, Modernization, and Life Extension Department, the Accounting Department, and the Innovative Development Office of Rosenergoatom. Nexia Pacioli LLC and Russian Appraisal CJSC were hired to conduct an independent assessment of the documentation uploaded to the ‘e-shop’. The former performed an assessment of regulatory documents, and the latter evaluated R&D reports used to justify the safety of technical solutions used when designing NPPs with VVER reactors.

The Operation and Service sector of the unified booth of the ROSATOM State Corporation at the Main Media Centre will provide the ability to test the system and place a preliminary order.

For reference:

Rosenergoatom began implementing a new business product on foreign markets in 2018 – services to create a base of regulatory and methodological technical documentation required for the commissioning, operation, extending the service life as well as the decommissioning of NPPs. A pilot contract was signed on April 3, 2018 with Armenian Nuclear Power Plant CJSC and envisages assistance in improving the regulatory framework in the atomic energy sector of the Republic of Armenia. The development plan provided for the creation of a full-fledged IT product to grant the concerned foreign organizations access to documentation at the level of the operating organization based on the Automated Technical Documentation Control Systems (ATDCS) and the results integrated into the system for assessing the cost of this documentation.

The base of regulatory and methodological technical documentation needs to be created for the commissioning, operation, extending the service life as well as the decommissioning of NPPs. This service aims to ensure that foreign customers building Russian-designed NPPs are able to safely operate NPPs at all stages of their life cycle, reduce the time and cost of their construction (due to the lack of a need to draft their own regulatory framework), and streamline the process of issuing the relevant regulatory licenses and permits by the national regulatory body.

Rosenergoatom is one of the largest electric power enterprises in Russia and the only company that operates nuclear power plants. The main activities of the company include the production of electrical and thermal energy by nuclear power plants, as well as the operation of nuclear facilities, radiation sources and storage facilities for nuclear material and radioactive substances in accordance with Russian legislation. The Concern owns all ten nuclear power plants currently operating in Russia, each of which has been given the status of a branch of the Concern, as well as power generation companies. Russia’s nuclear power plants account for 19% of the total energy generated in the country.

Source: Communications Department of Rosenergoatom

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