US magazine praises Russian nuclear fuel project


The US Power magazine, one of the most trusted, reputable and long-standing energy industry publications, has referred to the beginning of use of industrial uranium-plutonium mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel for fast neutron reactors in Russia as the number one development in the global power industry in 2020.


ROSATOM is looking to master the technologies required for creating a domestic closed nuclear fuel cycle and a two-component nuclear power industry with both thermal and fast neutron reactors. This will create a “circle” of nuclear fuel. As a result of expanded reproduction of the nuclear “juice,” plutonium, the fuel base of the nuclear power industry is believed to be able to expand many times over and there will be a chance to reduce the volume of radioactive waste through “burnout” of dangerous radionuclides. Experts note that Russia is currently the global leader in fast neutron reactor technologies. Industrial production of MOX fuel for the BN-800 reactor was organized at the Mining and Chemical Combine with more than 20 Russian nuclear industry organizations involved, including ones within the management contour of ROSATOM’s TVEL Fuel Company.


Source: ROSATOM State Corporation

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