At ATOMEXPO 2018 took the place round table called ‘How clean and Green is Nuclear?’


On 14 May, the first day of the anniversary 10th ATOMEXPO 2018 International Forum, a round table called ‘How clean and Green is Nuclear?’ took place.

The event was held as round tables debates. The following guests participated in the discussion: Ms. Agneta Rising, the Director General of the World Nuclear Association, Mr. Andreas Lusch, the CEO of GE Steam Power, Mr. Walter Pfeiffer, a Partner of Roland Berger GmbH, and Mr. Leoš Tomíček, the Senior Vice President of Rusatom Overseas. The moderator was Mr. Ryan Chilcote, a speaker and a global affairs and economics journalist.

In his welcome address Mr. Evgeny Pakermanov, President of Rusatom Overseas, stressed the importance of the topic and its significant value in achieving sustainable development goals: “According to the International Energy Agency, low-carbon sources will have doubled their share in the global energy mix to reach 40% by 2040. Along with renewables, nuclear energy will form a backbone of low-carbon energy mix”.

Throughout the round table, the participants discussed the trends the global energy experiences due to constant growth of demand, the perspectives of synergy between different clean energy sources (sun, water, wind and atom) aimed at establishing a sustainable global energy mix, and possible environment protection activities.

Following a face-to-face expert discussion, the participants came to a unanimous conclusion that a partnership between the nuclear energy and renewables can lay the basis for a clean, sustainable and safe energy market of the future. In her speech, WNA Director General Agneta Rising pointed out that the nuclear energy is the safest energy generation source: «However, when we speak about safety, we sometimes forget that nuclear energy is also the most reliable energy source, which boosts economic development and protects the environment. More and more environmentalists are becoming pro-nuclear».

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Source: Press Serviceof Rusatom Overseas

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