Atomenergomash starts manufacturing equipment for China’s Xudapu NPP


Specialists at the Volgodonsk Branch of JSC AEM-technology (part of Atomenergomash, ROSATOM’s machine-building division) have started manufacturing capital equipment for Unit 3 of the Xudapu Nuclear Power Plant (China), which is currently under construction.

As part of the contract, AEM-technology will produce and supply two Generation III+ VVER-1200 reactor units, two sets of steam generators, casings for the GTsNA main circulation pump and the GTsT main circulation pipeline, hydraulic tanks for the emergency core cooling system (ECCS) and two pressure compensators. The aggregate weight of the products is estimated at around 6,000 tonnes.

Shell-ring blanks for steam generators and reactor vessels have passed the incoming inspection and production has begun. Machining of a single 92-tonne shell-ring for the tube section of the reactor vessel takes 15 days. Work is also under way on preparing for anticorrosive cladding of the reactor core shell-ring. The steam generator shells, each weighing 37 tonnes, take six days each to process. As soon as the 16 blanks have been machined, specialists will start manufacturing the steam generator casings.

Igor Kotov, General Director of JSC AEM-technology, said that the Xudapu NPP was the second project in the People’s Republic of China to make use of equipment manufactured by JSC AEM-technology. “We have solid experience of constructive cooperation with Chinese colleagues and our equipment has made a good showing on the Chinese market. I am positive that the work on the new project will meet all our partners’ expectations and will reaffirm the excellent competences of Russian nuclear power engineering”, he said.


Source: Atomenergomash Media Center

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