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ATOMEXPO-2019 will discuss the role of innovations and education for shaping better future


On the 15th of April 2019 in Sochi the round-table session “Preparing for the Future: Innovation and Education” will take place in the framework of the 11th International Forum ATOMEXPO-2019. It will be organized with participation of the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD/NEA).

The goal is to discuss key problems of the implementation of innovations in nuclear power as well as in education and training of highly skilled workforce. The round-table discussion participants will review innovations which refurbish nuclear power already today as well as new skills and opportunities necessary for implementation of innovative technologies. Also, it is planned to discuss to what extend the international cooperation can influence enhancement of quality of national educational programs. Approaches of different countries to solving problems of possible loss of nuclear competencies will be described.

Tatiana Ivanova, Head of Nuclear Science of OECD/NEA, Pedro Porras, Executive Director of European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), Aleksandr Tuzov, Director of JSC SSC NIIAR and others are expected to take part in the discussion. William Magwood, Director-General of the Nuclear Energy Agency of OECD, will moderate the session.

The round-table session will start at 14:30 in the Hall “Green” of the Main Media Center.

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At the present time, it is widely admitted the nuclear sector needs technological and institutional innovations to ensure safe, reliable and sustainable use of atomic energy to meet the global demand for energy and solution of the environmental problems. However, the development of nuclear industry comes across great obstacles, and issues remain whether nuclear power technologies can play substantial role in future energy systems.

An important problem the nuclear sector comes across associates with training of highly skilled staff and knowledge management. Lack of continuous investments in research and development on new nuclear power technologies has made a gap in the knowledge and competences in many countries. This gap continues to enlarge. Many employees who acquired critical experience over the years of work are coming on pensions now. The competences they accumulated may vanish if the paths of their transfer to young generation are not identified.

The main topic for this year’s Forum is “Nuclear for better life.” For the first time in the history of the Forum, the business programme has been compiled by the International Programme Committee, which is made up of: Director General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency William Magwood, Director General of the World Nuclear Association (WNA) Agneta Rising, former Chairman of the World Association of Nuclear Operators Jacques Régaldo and former Director-General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Luis E. Echávarri, among others. ATOMEXPO 2019 participants (heads of state structures, major companies and public organizations, as well as international experts) will discuss global issues in the development of carbon-free energy, a responsible approach to the environment and natural resources, green investments and international partnerships for sustainable development. Among the key topics at roundtables are: the non-energy application of nuclear and radiation technologies in industry, science, medicine and agriculture; digital solutions for infrastructure projects; knowledge management; and the development of human capital assets. A number of important documents are expected to be signed on the side-lines of the Forum, including agreements on strategic cooperation and partnership, commercial contracts and documents on the development of projects. The exhibition will feature a wide range of advanced nuclear technologies and new products, including products that are not related to the energy industry. The exhibition area will take up over 13,000 square metres.  

The 10th anniversary ATOMEXPO Forum in 2018 attracted over 4000 delegates and guests from 68 countries (compared to 65 countries in 2017 and 55 countries in 2016). The exhibition took place on a total area of 20,000 square metres (compared to 12,000 square metres in 2017). Over 600 companies took part in the event. A total of 39 agreements and other documents on cooperation and partnership, including commercial contracts, were signed on the side-lines of ATOMEXPO 2018.

For more information about the Forum, please visit our website at, contact us by telephone or fax at: +7 (499) 922-89-95, or send us an email to the address: To take part in the Forum and visit the exhibition, please register online at Applications for media accreditation for the event are accepted on the Atomexpo website. The rules for accreditation and working at the event can be found in the Press Centre section of the website at The event is operated by OOO ATOMEXPO.

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