Days before the Forum

ROSATOM signed a cooperation agreement with the “Talent and Success” Education Foundation


During the X Anniversary International Forum ATOMEXPO-2018 in Sochi on May 15, 2018, the ROSATOM and the “Talent and Success” Education Foundation signed a cooperation agreement.

Aleksey Likhachev, Director General of the ROSATOM, and Yelena Shmeleva, head of the “Talent and Success” Education Foundation, signed the document.

The parties agreed to collaborate in creating an environment for identifying children and youth who have unusual abilities, assisting them in their further development towards a successful career in the fields of science, technology, sports, and the arts in the Russian Federation; in implementing joint education programs for schoolchildren and students who show extraordinary abilities in the natural scientific field; and in developing additional professional training programs for educators to enable them to work with gifted children, including high-priority areas of science and technology development in the Russian Federation.

Source: Communications Department of ROSATOM

Moreover, Rosatom and the “Talent and Success” Foundation will combine their efforts in implementing cooperative R&D and innovation projects, as well as in the field of spreading scientific knowledge and popularizing the best scientific and technological achievements.


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