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Rusatom – International Network and International Investment Bank Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation


Rusatom – International Network Private Institution and the International Investment Bank (IIB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation on the sidelines of ATOMEXPO 2017 International Forum on 19 June 2017. The signatories are President of RIN Private Institution A.A. Merten and Deputy Chairman of the IIB Board Denis Ivanov.

The Memorandum stipulates the parties commitment to render joint assistance in implementing the Rosatom State Corporation projects in high-tech spheres: renewable energy, nuclear medicine, radiation technologies application in industry, agriculture, food processing centers, construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants and other complex engineering facilities with a fundraising opportunity from the International Investment Bank.

As of today, ROSATOM runs projects and supplies products and services to 44 countries of the world. Leveraging opportunities are one of the most critical conditions allowing to implement promising programmes.

According to the Memorandum, the parties are interested in establishing bilateral cooperation in the territories of the Republic of Bulgaria, Hungary, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Cuba, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Romania, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic to search for and implement projects, determine the vehicles and funding forms for the projects, carry out information and consultation support in the matters of project funding, as well as participate in the promotion events.


Rusatom – International Network is a non-profit organization under the governance of ROSATOM whose goal is to form, develop and manage a network of cross-border regional centers. The company is comprised of 11 regional centers. The main tasks of the company and its regional centers are to seek new opportunities to expand business, promote Russian nuclear companies products and services globally, as well as to shape the image of Rosatom State Corporation and boost public acceptance of nuclear energy abroad. One of the main functions of the company is to coordinate international economic activities of agencies under the governance of Rosatom State Corporation.

International Investment Bank was founded in 1970. As of today, the Bank’s member countries/shareholders are Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Cuba, Mongolia, Russia, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Since late 2012, the IIB has carried out a fundamental reform and acquired the following ratings: S&P Global Ratings – BBB (outlook stable), Moody’s – Baa1 (outlook positive), Fitch – BBB (outlook stable) и Dagong – A (outlook stable).

Source: Press Service of Rusatom – International Network, Press Service of International Investment Bank

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