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The pre-stressing system installation has been completed at Unit 1 at Belarus NPP


At Unit 1 of Belarus NPP (General Architect and General Contractor is ASE, Engineering Division of ROSATOM) specialists have completed installing the containment pre-stressing system.

At the present time, specialists of the Representation Office of Trust RosSEM LLC in the Republic of Belarus (part of the Engineering Division of ROSATOM) have completed tension of all bundles with the initial controlled force.

“Readiness of the pre-stressing system is one of the necessary conditions of the next critical operation that is the strength and integrity tests of the reactor containment,” Sergey Olontsev, Senior Vice President for Russian Projects Management at JSC EC ASE noted. “All these operations are conducted as part of the reactor systems and equipment preparations for cold trials,” he said.

For information:

The Belarus NPP construction project provides for two containments: outer and inner ones. The inner containment is a passive safety system component which prevents radioactive substances releases into the environment in case of hypothetic accidents.

The containment pre-stressing system is part of the inner containment of the reactor building. It consists of 126 bundles of high-strength reinforcement strands formed of seven 5-mm wires. This system allows for significant increase in strength and reliability of the reactor building.

The outer containment, along with the inner containment, serves as physical protection against natural and man-induced external impacts, including earthquakes and tornado.

Belarus NPP with two VVER-1200 reactors and total power capacity of 2,400 MW is built to the Russian design in Ostrovets (Republic of Belarus). The Russian design of Generation III+ has been selected for the first NPP in Belarus. It fully meets international safety standards and recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Source: Press Service of ASE Group of Companies

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